The DOS version of GT Manger first went into service with many major engineering companies after the arrival of the first PC’s in the mid-1980’s. (AWE, BAE, Ford, Honeywell, Westlands)

Over this time, the software proved extremely reliable and gave excellent service. The only significant change being to accommodate dates after the year 2000!

In 2005, the business was acquired by Abacus Business Systems with the intention of upgrading to a Windows based system. Every endeavour was taken to retain the features of the original software and Users still with the DOS system (there are many of them!) easily recognise the functionality in the system and adapt to the ‘Windows’ way of doing things. This gives greater productivity in that data is more easily browsed and gauges can be selected for re-calibration or issuing to production at the click of a mouse.

Data from the old system can be extracted and imported to the new system to give continuous traceability of gauge data

Abacus have designed other database applications for Customer Relations Management and Stock Control of metals where traceability of transactions if paramount.